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Legal English

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circle Minimum 10 lessons
clock 50 mins

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With companies increasingly working in international contexts, contact with legal systems in other countries is becoming much more widespread. Being able to communicate legal ideas and understand legislative processes in English is often the key to successful communication and the avoidance of expensive misunderstandings.  Legal English gives you the appropriate language, terminology and skills you need to communicate on complex issue while operating in an international environment.


This course covers:

Legal terminology

Reading legal documents effectively

Writing and understanding the language of contracts

Negotiating terms of contract in English

Developing your written English for letters of advice, understanding the importance of register in written English, negotiating in written form, review of the conventions of formal, written English

Skills for presenting your ideas in legal contexts

Language for dealing with agreements and disputes


Legal English has a strong focus on the vocabulary of this field of work and an emphasis on functional language practised through tasks and simulations. The course is highly flexible so that you can concentrate on what you need and full support is given by your trainer. The written content of the course does not mean neglecting speaking skills and ample opportunity is given for you to practice, and consequently gain confidence, in both mediums.