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Course Summary

Course duration25
Lesson duration60 minutes
Start Date24 Mar 2012
ScheduleSat Sun
Time10:00 UTC/GMT
LevelPre-Intermediate / Intermediate


Price per lesson$11

Course Program

1. Getting to know each other and your trainer2. Starting a call3. Receiving calls
4. Making plans over the phone5. Ending calls6. Communicating between cultures
7. Solving problems8. Making and dealing with complaints9. Preparing your CV
10. Opening and closing letters11. Common mistakes12. Agreeing terms
13. Punctuation14. Replying to a request15. Asking for payment
16. Establishing a purpose17. Reporting at meetings18. Making updates on progress
19. How to interrupt and handle interruptions20. Asking for and giving opinions21. Asking for and giving clarification
22. Accepting a proposal23. Resolving conflict24. Saying 'no'
25. Ending a negotiation  

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