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English Language Training For Your Company

Effective. Convenient. Affordable.


Training Tailored to Your Company's Needs

We can work together with your company to develop and implement high-quality 1-on-1 and group training programs that address your internal and external English communication challenges. We take the time to understand your business needs and evaluate your employees' English skills in order to design training that your employees will find effective and enjoyable.


In-company courses and traditional language schools cannot compete with the advantages offered by our online platform for live English language training:


Real English for the Real World

Real English for the Real World

HumanEnglish offers the highest quality English language training for levels from Pre-intermediate to Advanced. Courses reflect the industry, job function and individual needs of their participants. Students learn real-world speaking, listening, reading and writing skills using a HumanEnglish communicative approach face-to-face with expert teachers carefully selected from across the United States.


Convenient for Employees and Administrators Alike

Convenient for Employees and Administrators Alike

Your employees can experience live instruction from wherever they are: the comfort of their own home, their office or while travelling. They also benefit from the convenience of classes that can be planned flexibly, easily scheduled and re-scheduled and even take place on evenings, nights and weekends.


Savings of up to 50%

Complete, Centralized Language Skills Audit and Reporting

In partnership with Bright Language, HumanEnglish can evaluate the language levels of employees across your entire company. The objective, standardized testing tool can be used across different sites, and at all levels in the hierarchy. With this information we can help you organize the appropriate training program as well as employee recruitment and transfer.




HumanEnglish allows you to centrally manage your training across multiple locations. The expenses incurred searching for and coordinating with various local schools and partners are eliminated. And, for the first time, it becomes possible for employees working in completely different locations to regularly participate in the same group trainings allowing team-building and increased group cohesion.


Reduced Administration Costs

Reduced Administration Costs

HumanEnglish simplifies the process of implementing a training program. Each of our corporate clients receives a dedicated project manager, who assists the training managers in coordinating the organization and schedule of classes.


Savings of up to 50%

Savings of up to 50%

When switching from a traditional solution to HumanEnglish clients can save up to fifty percent. As an internet-based business, we have lower overhead costs than our traditional counterparts. Our business clients no longer face many of the hidden costs of language training, such as the substantial travel costs for employees or language trainers, as well as cancellation charges that often result from course participants needing to postpone classes.



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Training for Companies - How it Works

small-1  Learn About Your Company's Needs


We start by identifying and understanding your company's internal and external English communication challenges, needs and goals by interviewing key managers and staff.


small-2  English Language Audit


Next, we test your employees' English level via a comprehensive Bright Language Audit. During the audit, we can determine the exact starting level of your employees and the skills to be attained. With this information we can help you organize the appropriate training program. Learn more >



small-3  Training Program Design


We will offer you an effective training program based on what we learn about your company's needs and your employee's English abilities. We will coordinate a convenient training schedule with the HR manager or directly with your employees.


small-4  The Training Begins


Should you accept our offer, the training will begin. You will be assigned a dedicated HumanEnglish representative and technical support team. We will fine-tune your training program as we get to know your employees once the training begins. We will report employee attendance, progress and accounting information regularly.



Our Courses

We can design a custom training program based on these courses:


Presenting in English - Live Online Business English Classes



 Telephoning in English - Live Online Business English Classes



Meetings in English - Live Online Business English Classes



Negotiating in English - Live Online Business English Classes



Emailing in English - Live Online Business English Classes



Socializing in English - Live Online Business English Classes